Marketing Pain Points & How To Overcome Them

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.”* But marketers encounter barriers on a daily basis as they strive towards this ultimate goal. In commissioning this report with Econsultancy, we wanted to gain insight into marketers’ key pain points and examine how best to overcome them.

In a series of whitepapers, we look at ways to overcome the most painful problem areas in the report, starting with Data.

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The fight to make data actionable

Data is a fundamental tool and content driver. Data is the fuel that powers any contextual marketing engine and is like a premium gasoline when it comes to email. Yet, the report reveals 40% of respondents say they are at migraine level ‘struggling with multiple data sources’. 41% of respondents also experienced migraine level pain trying to track customers on different channels and devices. Some cannot even identify when a customer has made a purchase, let alone anything more sophisticated.

Discover how to put your marketing data house in order in our whitepaper: ‘Overcoming Marketing Challenges: Data’

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Success via the inbox is getting harder

Are your emails lost in a sea of promotional messaging? 77% of marketers are struggling to achieve stand-out in the inbox. With relative ease of use and maturity of the channel, email presents its own set of headaches for marketers. There are infact many ways to increase email campaign success rates including content that is personalized when an email is opened, not when it is sent.

Discover how to breathe new life into your email campaigns in our whitepaper: ‘Overcoming Marketing Challenges: Email’

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Delivering meaningful consumer insights

Insights present marketers with different problems in regards to data. Despite now having so much data, marketers find the process of making all this information useful and actionable considerably problematic. 45% of respondents said turning insights into actionable segments to drive effective marketing content was a significant pain point for their marketing team while almost half of respondents (48%) also cited marketing attribution as another key challenge.

Delve into a world of actionable and valuable data in our whitepaper: ‘Overcoming Marketing Challenges: Insights’

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Context is king

80% of respondents agreed that context is king when communicating with consumers. But delivering contextualized marketing content requires a level of sophistication that is harder than some companies would have you believe, but yields greater results than ever. When customers receive truly contextualized marketing messages, both response rates and subsequent commercial results soar. A contextual approach is now not a ‘nice to have’ but a ‘must have’.

Discover how to deliver contextualized marketing content in our whitepaper: ‘Overcoming Marketing Challenges: Contextualization’

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Achieving the elusive single customer view

Building a unified view of the customer among numerous and disparate data streams is essential in today’s fast paced, multi-device world. The ability to create segments of one and market to an individual is the key to true contextualised one-to-one marketing. But the challenge of joining up all this data into single coherent pictures of individual customers is reflected by a high migraine rating of 42%.

Discover how to deliver personalized content for individual customers in our forthcoming whitepaper: ‘Overcoming Marketing Challenges: Single Customer View’

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Executing an effective mobile strategy

The influence of mobile cannot be understated. Consumers want to receive the right content, seamlessly, across all channels they subscribe to. Through mobile sensors, marketers are able to understand more about consumers in the real world. Marketers can also glean further data, like product interest based on dwell time, which then supports the single marketing view. Mobile should not be considered as a channel in itself, but as a layer of potential across a customer journey.

Discover insights into solving marketing pain points in our forthcoming whitepaper: ‘Overcoming Marketing Challenges: Mobile’

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